Wait for it🎈

Hello people its been a Long time . I haven’t posted anything . I was busy in promoting my page on Instagram. I hope you like the same . Link in bio _____________________________ “Wait for the Right One”🌸🌸 You cannot predict what is waiting for you. But, never loose hopes,Just because your past wasn’t good…

 Inconspicuous Scar’s

Scars are spots on the body . But, some scar’s aren’t conspicuous but still holds the potential to affect the body. Masse’s are full of scar’s but bold one’s are those who are still fighting. We can use anything for preventing scar’s on the outer body part’s.. But ,what about those which aren’t visible ….

Flaunt your Style 

Before anything else put yourself first and accept the way you are.Don’t change yourself for other’s. You are not meant to fit among common masses. Rather you are here for standing out. I have been observing from past few weeks and met some girls who remain so much worried about their body , specially their…

Father’s Day 😇

You are my first love, My first crush, Having you is the best part of my life, I trust you more than any one , Your presence is all what I need, For achieving my dream’s, Thanks for tolerating me Dad 😁, I love you the most. Happy father’s day ❤❤ Kritika Sabharwal💝

1 am thoughs💛📝

I know everything,  you know everything ..💜 💛💚💜 May be you never know, Or may be you never show, But your eyes speaks a lot, 💟 KritiKa ❤

Forgetting is difficult.💘

Its really difficult to forget things , forget memories and specially the ones with whom you have spent those precious moment’s.I hate all those masses once who used to promise too much but now not even their shadows are there . may be because they are never meant to be a part of my life…